Safes & Keysafes

We have a range of both Safes and Keysafes available for purchase and/or installation.

For Keysafes we keep a couple of choices of product in stock, a push button keysafe and a rotary combination keysafe. They can be seen in the below video.

For valuable’s safes we keep a variety of insurance quality safes.

Our budget range of safes has a £1000 cash rating (for valuables such as jewellery it is 10 times the cash value), and come with either key or electronic keypad lock.

Our other safes that we keep in stock have a £4000 cash rating (£40000 Jewellery rating) and again are available with either key or electronic keypad and are available in a variety of sizes.

Please note that these are only insurance quality if they are anchored to the wall/floor.

If you wish to browse the choices of safe please click here. Our safes are all supplied by Securikey and we keep a selection of Mini and Micro Vaults in stock. Other models are available and can be viewed online and ordered through ourselves, for delivery either direct to your house(this would be a kerbside delivery) or to our shop. (Heavier safes would need to be sent direct to your house).

The electronic keypads dont have a key override as the battery can be replaced from outside the safe. On all the insurance quality safes if they have been registered with the manufacturer and you lose/forget the keys/combination we can get a replacement key/override code to gain entry (for override code we would need to attend to input this and clear the codes).